Make Money Online, Downloading Music in Our Website

Make Money Online, Downloading Music in Our Website

We the Entire team of Kessmusictv set up a simple strategy for our dear fans and official Lovers of to make a cool Cash online using our website.

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Note: One Music Download is for $0.30

4. when submitting your screen shot of music download,kindly send us the following to  make us track your payment to you.

Example of what you need to mail us:

Name: James Clutch 

Facebook ID: James Clutch 

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payment Method: Paypal

Attachment of the screen shot (Below is how the Screen shot should look like)

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Note: One Music Download is for $0.30 and Our Minimum withdrawal is $10 i.e you need to download music from our website every daily basic to reach $10

Also note that our engineer will take care of all the screen shot you send to us on a daily basic. GOOD LUCK


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